Wendy Davis

Do the Republicans really think they are going to make inroads with the women’s vote by attacking Wendy Davis? The Conservatives, like lemmings, are blindly racing for oblivion.

Hitchcock Parkway

This is in regard to the comment on needing to widen Hitchcock Parkway to four lanes because the slow drivers are driving only 40 mph. At the June 20 meeting at H. Odell Weeks Activities Center, an alternative conceptual design was presented that called for narrowing the lanes from 12 feet to 11 feet and lowering the speed to 45 mph the entire way from Silver Bluff to the Aiken-Augusta Highway. Also, there would be no shoulders – just concrete curbs with retaining walls next to them – so if you have to pull over, good luck at not getting killed. There will be no place to pull over. This widening, they said, is for improving both safety and traffic flow, both of which would be seriously impeded by this design.

‘Golden Rule’

Every third grader knows that the “Golden Rule” is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Friday’s editorial lauding neighborhood watch groups misquotes it as “Do unto others as they would do unto you”, making it more similar to, “An eye for any eye, a tooth for a tooth,” the complete opposite of the intent of the “Golden Rule.”

Hanford site

The Hanford site in Washington state is a national disaster. Residents of Washington should be alarmed and outraged. Tree huggers should be almost catatonic. The Hanford Radioactive Liquid Storage Facility is currently leaking into the Columbia River at a rate that is alarming to Nuclear Scientists. Engineers and Construction personnel have been rushed to the site to design and build a containment facility and purge the damage already done before the general population becomes aware of the danger.


Once again the liberal element has to whine – does the punishment fit the crime for a comment made many years ago? Who hasn’t uttered a word or two that they have regretted saying? Let’s look at her total body of work before we condemn this woman.

Zimmerman attention

Is the Zimmerman trial really as news worthy as the mainstream media is making it out to be? I am truly sorry that a young man is dead, but there are thousands of black on white, white on black, black on Hispanic, etc., killings each day that no national attention is given to. My take is the Liberal media want attention diverted from current embarrassments in Obama’s White House.