After what felt like a lifetime, Jason Goings is starting his position as Aiken County Treasurer today.

Goings, who was one of 11 write-in candidates, didn't know that he won the race in November until several days after the election due to a delay in getting the final results.

Goings, 42, and a native of Belvedere, is excited to finally start his new job.

Though he was elected in November, he started today because it's a position that doesn't go into effect until the beginning of the fiscal year. But he's been in the office working along side now former Treasurer Linda Sharpe since January.

Goings said Sharpe called him soon after the election results were in and said she was there for him if he needed anything.

“We've worked together since the first of January basically getting ready for the transition,” Goings said on Thursday.

Over those months, Goings and Sharpe teamed up to make a change in the Treasurer's office in which all bad checks will immediately be sent to the Worthless Check Unit which is operated by the Solicitor's Office.

Sharpe said that she has confidence that Goings is going to do a great job.

Goings said he hopes to make the Treasurer's office as efficient and customer-friendly as possible. And he feels pretty confident in the staff that has been so kind to him over the last few months.

Goings said that the staff has been very welcoming and helpful in making it a positive start to the new position.

“I'm really looking forward to helping not just the citizens of Aiken County, but other departments, too,” Goings said.

Goings worked at Silver Bluff High School for almost two decades as a media specialist as well as a teacher of government and economics. He earned a bachelor's degree from Clemson University and a master's degree from the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

He said it was very hard to leave his teaching position, but he is excited for this new opportunity in public service.

Goings thanks residents for writing in his name in November.

“I'm truly grateful to the citizens of Aiken County for entrusting me with the great responsibility that this office has,” Goings said.