According to Aiken County Sheriff’s Office reports:

A Warrenville woman living on Jackson Street reported on Saturday that someone had made debit charges to her SRP Federal Credit Union bank account via the Internet from an unknown location without her permission. She said she had canceled her debit card and frozen her bank account.

A North Augusta woman reported on Saturday that someone attempted to enter her home on Radio Station Road through the back door but didn’t get inside. The responding officer observed glass in the door to be broken.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that an air conditioning unit was missing from her home on Connies Way.

An Aiken man who lives on Barway Drive reported on Saturday that a Graniteville woman took his 2000 green Dodge Durango SUV from outside his residence without his permission. He also said his vehicle keys and cellphone were missing from a pants pocket.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that a burgundy Club Car golf cart was taken from outside her residence on University Parkway.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that someone knocked over the mailbox at his residence on Schley Street. He said he heard a loud noise and laughter followed by screeching tires, but did not see the subject or the vehicle that was involved in the incident.

A Warrenville woman reported that her 2004 Chevy SUV was missing from outside her residence on Project Road. She said she had left a window cracked because her vehicle’s locks had been “messing up.”

A 35-year-old Gloverville woman reported on Saturday hearing a gunshot outside her residence on Lawana Drive. Two female witnesses told the responding officer that they saw a white Ford truck coming down Lawana Drive and heard the occupants arguing. They also said they saw the vehicle stop and one of the occupants fire a gun. The responding officer found a 9 millimeter shell casing in the roadway.

A 45 year-old Gloverville woman reported early on Sunday morning that she heard three gunshots outside her home on Lawana Drive. She said didn’t see anyone when she looked out a window, but when she walked outside she saw a hole in the passenger side front door of her 2006 silver Nissan Maxima. When the responding officer opened the passenger’s side rear door of the vehicle, a projectile fell on the concrete driveway. The responding officer also observed a second projectile on the ground and noticed two more holes in the bottom trim of the vehicle below the rear passenger side door. The responding officer then found a third projectile on the driveway beside the rear passenger side door of the car. The officer also found three spent .40 caliber shell casings approximately 60 feet away from the vehicle.

A suspicious fire involving a vehicle was reported on Saturday on Highway 78 in Aiken. When the responding officer arrived, the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames and all identifying marks had completely melted away. The responding officer believed the vehicle to be a Chevy Trailblazer and observed an empty Budweiser beer bottle that appeared to be fresh nearby.

A 55-year-old Batesburg woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with criminal domestic violence, first offense, after allegedly striking a 56-year-old man with a wooden back scratcher during an argument at a house on Holley Pond Road. The responding officer observed visible bleeding marks on the man’s arms.