The pain was said to be incurable. One doctor took a trip down to Orlando, and, now, his pain is no more.

Dr. Rev. Phillip Goldfedder practiced as a neurosurgeon for 37 years when he took that trip.

Now, he stands today as a “retired-refired Jewish-Christian neurosurgical Evangelist” and the author of “Why Health Is Better Than Getting Healed.”

As a reverend and a doctor, Goldfedder has seen different paths people can take to a healthier lifestyle. Practicing better daily habits, trusting in Jesus Christ and smiling a bit more are of those few paths, Goldfedder writes.

“We must care for our minds and bodies properly” with good nutrition, proper sleep and regular exercise, he says in his book.

But being spiritually in tune with the higher power also helps improve your “quality of life.”

To help explain, Goldfedder portrays people as triunes – beings with three parts: a body, a soul and a spirit. The body houses the soul and spirit as we walk the Earth. The soul expresses our wants and desires, while the spirit speaks only “positive confessions.”

“In order to deal with your spirit, you must be sure to be in charge at all times,” Goldfedder writes. “This will enable you to walk in (and enjoy) the Spirit’s presence every day.”

The book also advises forgiving others, staying away from sin, following the Ten Commandments and adding a daily dose of laughter.

To Goldfedder, those are the four reasons you “showed up” in the first place.

As far as Goldfedder goes, he grew up in the Jewish faith. When he was taking a religion class at Albright College, he wrote a paper with the theme, “There was no God.” His mother even once told him, “If you ever become a Christian, don’t tell me.”

In 1989, Goldfedder’s father developed a metastatic sarcoma. Later that year, he contracted an intractable foot pain from plantar fasciitis.

“I went to my colleagues, but they were not able to help me,” Goldfedder said.

He confessed he even knew that. His colleagues just told him to deal with the pain. Goldfedder replied, “Where can I sign up for Toleration School?” His co-workers failed to see the humor.

One day, Goldfedder was exposed to book by evangelist Benny Hinn. It is called, “Good Morning, Holy Spirit.”

“He laid on his bedroom floor and listened to the Holy Spirit,” Goldfedder said on the book. “From my Jewish scientific point of view, that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of.”

However, the book “amazed him.”

It turned out Hinn was going to be in Orlando during the time Goldfedder was going to be at Disney World. Goldfedder decided to stop by the presentation, grabbing the last seat.

A video played that showed ministers laying down, praying. All of a sudden, a heat rushed through Goldfedder’s feet. He jumped up. His “incurable” pain was gone.

He looked around, embarrassed. But he had no need to be. He was not alone. Others were standing.

“I presumed they had also been healed,” he said.

The explanation – it was Jesus. “But it couldn’t; I’m Jewish,” he said.

It took him two years and more than 500 books more to be convinced.

“That proves how much of a skeptic I was,” he said.

Now, Goldfedder is the “God’s Dr. Phil.”

He became a minister in 2004 and now holds an honorary doctorate in Christian education.

He established the Alternative Medicine Healing Ministry “as an optional way for treating medical conditions of suffering people through healing and deliverance,” according to his website.

Through his experiences he has seen people healed of diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, brain tumors, deformities and ALS, all “in the name of Jesus.”

“I started to get disappointed with medicine because not enough people were being healed of chronic and, particularly, terminal diseases,” he said on his earlier experiences. “(Now), I have seen more people healed through the laying on of hands than I ever did with the scalpel.”

Goldfedder also was the host of a weekly radio show and has written other five books. He is currently working on his seventh.

He lives with his “children” – his dogs – and his wife Maureen in Warrenville.

Goldfedder will be at Nancy Carson Branch Library on July 23 to sign “Why Health Is Better Than Getting Healed” at 7 to 8:30 p.m. The library is located at 135 Edgefield Road, North Augusta. For more information, call library manager Barbara Walker at 803-279-5767.

“Why Health” is available for $11.99 through Goldfedder’s website at or the book’s publisher at or by calling 1-800-631-5802.

“He has a great passion to reach the lost and to help people know that they are healed by the stripes of Jesus … You will be blessed by his testimony and the testimonies of all those who have received healing through his ministry,” Lloyd Hildebrand, Goldfedder’s editor, said on his blog in 2008.

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Stephanie Turner has a hand on all areas of production for the Aiken Standard, where she reports, edits and designs pages. She graduated in July 2012 with a journalism degree from Valdosta State University and lives with her family in Evans, Ga.