While the State Board of Education and Aiken County’s Board of Education, along with the current Education Administration, plot to overhaul our educational curriculum in Aiken County schools, Aiken County taxpayers are sound asleep.

Little do they realize what is coming to our schools – Common Core – another darling of the educational bureaucratic complex.

It seems the “educators,” a term I use very lightly, are at it again, wasting much needed funds for school classrooms and teachers on their self-proclaimed, silver-bullet cure for educational ills in our schools. Common Core, a “new” government controlled program, takes more authority from our local control and gives it to the federal and state governments. It seems local residents are just too ignorant to be in control of our schools.

Although we have six Ph.D.s in our central office on our payroll who average $125,000 plus a year, classroom teachers struggle to get $40,000. Fear not. Common core costs are estimated to be about $6.5 billion to implement this new programming, which, by the way, is not new. The only “new” about education curriculum will be that the government is in complete control.

It seems the wasteful, useless and expensive No Child Left Behind Program is to be left behind at a great cost to taxpayers.

My last year in the teaching profession was 1972. The government had very little control. However, since then, teachers have been degraded, underpaid and relieved of most of their dignity. While state and federal government programs have failed time and again, Common Core will be the same story.

Common Core will take away money, billions from the classroom and teachers, and create more rules, more bureaucratic positions, and nothing for learning.

It’s the same sad story that we have had for too many years.

Jet Beckum