There’s no ‘there’ there in our president

At last, I fully comprehend the assertion by President Obama of having the most transparent administration ever. This administration is so transparent that Obama has almost become invisible in governing.

Four Americans were killed on 9/11 in Libya, and our transparent leader disappeared – until, of course he resurfaced at a campaign fundraiser in Vegas the next day. “It was a protest over a Youtube video …” was the administration’s explanation for weeks after the attack, and now it seems the administration was totally transparent to requests for better security from Ambassador Chris Stevens, calls for help during the attack, aftermath assessments of responsibility from witnesses, video records, CIA analysis, logic, common sense and more. Very transparent.

Now we learn the Internal Revenue Service has been cracking down on groups of people who want smaller government, balanced budgets and adherence to Constitutional principles.

The IRS held up tax-exempt status for years for groups with “patriot,” “Constitution,” or “Tea Party” in their paperwork; while expediting paperwork for those with liberal- or socialist-leaning values or the word “green” in their title. This occurred through two election cycles, and nobody told the president (until it hit in the news) – probably because our president was so transparent they couldn’t find him.

Phone records of the Associated Press were secretly seized by the Justice Department and not even the Attorney General seems to have much knowledge of this.

More transparency? Whenever a serious question is asked at a news conference, Obama is so transparent that his answer often seems as though the original question went right past him.

As president, Obama has an awesome record of being our best ever “Politician in Chief.” However, he has become so transparent as a national leader that there’s just no “there” there.

Richard Eichler