The sale of a lot adjacent to the Aiken Golf Club course received first approval at the Aiken City Council meeting held Monday evening.

The 0.64 acre lot of wooded land is located at Valley Green Drive and Chafee Spring Road. Owner Jim McNair Jr. came to Council with the request due to some stipulations that were set decades ago when his father first purchased the Aiken Golf Course from the City in 1959.

City Council unanimously approved the sale of this lot of land for residential use on first reading on Monday.

An ordinance from the 1990s permitted up to four lots to be sold by the golf course owner for residential development. The ordinance was amended in 2005 to allow someone to build a home upon another parcel that was deeded to them, but construction was initially prohibited.

The land in question would technically be the sixth lot sold if approved, and McNair Jr. said that the funds from that sale would go toward the Aiken Golf Club house and golf cart storage improvements.

He added that the remainder of the golf club property will remain intact.

McNair Jr. said that he had presented the sale of that lot in 2005 but rescinded the request. He cited one reason was because an elderly resident nearby who has since passed away asked that noisy, disruptive construction didn't occur during her last years and McNair Jr. honored her request.

In a letter from McNair Jr. to City Manager Richard Pearce, he wrote that the clearing of the undergrowth on that lot he'd like to sell will also improve visibility and safety at the intersection of Chafee Spring Road as well as resolve some existing drainage issues.

According to Aiken Standard archives, the golf course formally known as the Highland Park Country Club, was established in 1907 by the Highland Park Development Corp.

In 1939, the development corporation deeded the golf course to the City of Aiken with the stipulation that the property remain a golf course for 20 years. At the end of those two decades, the City sold the property to James McNair Sr.