The Fox Creek High School Board of Directors met on Tuesday night. Though there was an executive session, there was no vote or further information provided on the situation involving Dr. Tim Murph.

Murph, who was placed on paid administrative leave last month, has been silent on the issue as has Fox Creek High School.

“There was no vote, and we have no further comments,” said Greg Hurt, board president.

Hurt did note that the Board and he expect there to be a resolution to the situation prior to the next school year in August.

In new business, the booster club wanted an amendment of its bylaws to include a $20 mandatory athletic fee, which passed.

Athletic director and head football coach Russ Schneider brought up the athletic budgetary needs and introduced a budget which will be taken under consideration.

Assistant principal Josh Trahan brought to the Board’s attention the need for a new bus due to field trips in the coming school year.

He also brought up that the Aiken and Edgefield County school districts are off on Memorial Day and offered the solution of moving a teacher workday from April 14 to June 9.

As such, May 26 would be off for students and teachers, and the motion passed unanimously. Trahan noted that the school calendar for Fox Creek High School is a “happy median” between the two districts.

The school also is attempting to change its locker situation. The lockers currently require free locks, which can be taken off the lockers and have led to many being lost.

The locks will be replaced with some that are in the locker and cannot be removed.

Policy changes to the retirees’ contractual agreement also passed unanimously, which would give a uniformed policy rather than each faculty member being negotiated on a case-to-case basis.

The next meeting will be July 15 at 6 p.m.