In Roger Rollins’ column (June 16), supposedly about Family and Marriage, titled “Where have all the fathers gone,” he misses the point of the statistics that he cites.

He then blames women and society for the lack of fathers in the home helping to raise children. He needs to do more research on this matter.

The vast majority of single-parent homes are because the fathers are deadbeats who refuse to provide for their children – let alone be there to co-parent them.

Rollins needs to understand that any male can become a father, but it takes a dedicated, compassionate, understanding and loving man to become a dad. A dad would not leave his children to be raised in a female-dominated home, but would pursue a loving, nurturing relationship with his children, whether he and the mother were cohabiting or not. A dad would see that his children were provided for by him and not by the government, unless there was some medical condition that caused him not to be able to work and earn money.

Rollins also cites Margaret Mead, saying, “the supreme test of any society is whether it can socialize men to become fathers.” We need dads – not more fathers – in our society, and the way to socialize a dad is to follow the teachings of the Bible: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Teach children to love and respect one another. Teach children to strive to do their very best when undertaking any task; whether it be school, family, church or any other worldly job. I hope Rollins does his research before writing another column that puts the blame on society and women for deadbeats who don’t care enough to provide for their children, be it monetarily or with the proper life skills to get ahead.

Debbie Smith