Regularly, the Aiken Chamber and many other groups in our region advocate for missions and funding for the Savannah River Site. 

You expect us to be a strong community voice for the Savannah River Site, that has a distinguished 60-year history of accomplishing goals for America. We appreciate what SRS means to our country, and we all understand that SRS underpins the economy of our region.

Maintaining a strong voice for the site in Washington, D.C. is critical. Funding allocated by Congress to the U.S. Department of Energy can be hijacked to sites other than SRS if our Congressional Delegation is not vigilant.  

For the past seven years that I have been your Chamber president, Sen. Lindsey Graham has been the “go to” member of the South Carolina Delegation for Savannah River Site issues. 

Having represented us as a congressman before being elected to the U.S. Senate, he has a deep understanding of the needs for the site. Graham is resolute in his support for SRS and has been able to maneuver through the complex maze in Washington to help protect our best interests. 

Additionally, Graham is annually recognized by the U.S. Chamber with its prestigious “Spirit of Enterprise” award – an award reserved for members of Congress based on rankings for key business votes. 

Standing alongside Graham for SRS issues is our newly appointed Sen. Tim Scott, plus Congressman Joe Wilson and Congressman Jim Clyburn. 

We have a strong team of congressional leaders working with local business, government, civic and education leaders. Kudos to the team.

J. David Jameson


Greater Aiken Chamber

of Commerce