Evermore Farm’s Eleanor Ellis is very selective.

So, when she chooses a place to bring her students, you know the show circuit and facility have her approval.

The professional has been bringing her clients to exhibit at the PSJ circuit for the past 15 years, and Ellis was in Aiken this weekend at the Progressive Show Jumping Highfields Summer Classic.

“We like going to well managed horse shows,” said Ellis, who is also a show organizer and manager. “We love coming to Aiken. It’s such a great community. Everybody is friendly and helps one another.”

The veteran trainer, who is based in Brooklet, Ga., brought six head, and several students to exhibit this weekend at Highfields Event Center, with the roster being composed of two pre-children riders, another two doing cross rails, an adult amateur, and one rider with two horses competing in the children’s hunter division and equitation classes.

Evermore Farm hosts several shows for the Coastal Hunter Circuit, a local rated show in the Savannah area, she said. A multifarious indivdual, the horseman’s vast number of responsibilities include serving as an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association regional president, coaching the Georgia Southern University team, and she also finds time to serve as an interscholastic coach.

“Georgia Southern is now in the same region as USC Aiken,” said Ellis. “We had been showing in Florida, but now we’ll be coming here.”

The PSJ circuit is a great envrionment to get riders started, said Ellis. The Highfields Summer Classic offered the perfect atmosphere for bringing a large group of exhibitors because of its affordability.

“There are classes for all levels,” said Ellis. “There are good judges, good jumps over good courses, and that makes a huge difference. The younger riders can watch the older ones, and learn from observation.”

The opportunity to serve in a variety of capacities has taught the professional horseman tolerance.

“I know what it takes to put on a horse show, and it’s easy to get frustrated,” said Ellis. “You have to be able to look at it from every perspective.”

However, being an organizer is not without its challenges, said Ellis.

“Horse shows are logistical nightmares, and one of these days I’m going to name a horse, Logistical Nightmare,” she said.