Dear Scott: I am 22 years old. My hair is very light brown, and I have brown eyes. I want to change my hair to blonde. Will this look OK? Everyone in my family has blue eyes except for me. They all tell me that my eyes being brown mean that I am full of poop. They said that people with brown eyes shouldn’t have blonde hair. Do I need to get blue colored contact lenses if I want to have blonde hair? What do you think?

Answer: Somebody had brown eyes in your family, probably Grandma or Grandpa. Blue eye color is a recessive gene. Many physical characteristics can sometimes skip a generation.

Your skin color and natural hair color play a big part in the color of blonde that will look good on you. If you have a natural light shade of brown hair, going blonde should be a snap. The darker the skin and hair, the darker the blonde should be.

Stunning brown-eyed-blonds are very common in the unnatural world of hair coloring. A few examples are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katherine Heigl and Ryan Reynolds. In the natural world of genetics the brown-eyed-blond rarely gets to keep their blond locks past the age of 10 years old without artificial means.

Don’t get contact lenses unless you just want to have some fun. The eyes are the windows of the soul and no two people have the exact same color. I happen to have brown eyes too. Although I am defiantly full of poop, brown eyed people also have stereotypical characteristics that are on a more positive note.

Brown: Nature lovers at heart, independent, strong and creative. People with brown eyes are regarded as stable and trustworthy. Materialism is not a priority in life. Darkest brown is the sexier of shades making it simple to manipulate others with a batting of their puppy dog eyes.

Blue: The most desirable of colors suggests youthfulness and vitality. The lighter the blue, the more alluring they seem to be. Blue is a very common color regardless of the recessive-gene but will eventually fade from the planet a zillion years or so from now. Everyone thinks of blue-eye-blondes but if you really want to show them off, go dark with the hair.

Hazel: A mix of brown and green, hazel eyes are said to change color depending on the mood of the person at the time, like a mood ring. These eyes say that you are fun loving, unpredictable, and a carefree individual.

Green: Considered very rare, green eyes are associated with feline characteristics lending way to mischief and sneaky fun. Hypnotizing to anyone that looks into them, this eye color is said to be the sexiest of all.

Violet: Elizabeth Taylor was the only one with this eye color.

Black: Only in vampire movies does this color exist. African, Latin and Asians are sometimes mistaken as having black colored eyes. They are actually variables of dark brown. Please refer to the brown section.

Scott Terwilliger is an Aiken salon owner. He can be reached at for questions and comments.