There are many more than nine reasons you might be healthier when sharing your life with cats, and for $9 you can become part of a nationwide life-saving movement.

Adopt a feline friend from the Aiken County Shelter during the special “9 Lives for $9” event and become part of something big taking place across the country.

If you missed them yesterday at the FATZ benefit breakfast for the shelter cats, come meet the adoptable cats and adolescent kittens, 9 months or older, available in C.A.T.S. (Cats at the Shelter) adoption colony. Friday begins a 10-day promotion from June 21 to June 30 across the United States, supported by national animal welfare organization Best Friends animal Society with some funding from PetSmart Charities.

As part of the month long adopt-a-shelter-cat jamboree, FOTAS volunteers will also be at Petsmart on Whiskey Road on Saturday, June 22, with our adoptable cats (and dogs, too!)

Aiken County always offers cats for $35, half the normal $70 adoption fee, but for this event they are making it even easier for people to meet the fabulous felines ready to go home. For just $9, you can save a cat who could end up saving you.

Research has supported the claims of many health-related benefits to having a cat as part of your household and family, such as:

• Reduced blood pressure

• Lower triglycerides, cholesterol, risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke

• Improved immune function, decrease chance of developing allergies and help prevent asthma in children

• Reduced loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression and generally improved mood

• Fewer health care visits, and a better, longer life!

Every day 9,000 animals are killed in shelters across the country simply because they don’t have responsible loving homes. Although FOTAS efforts to rehome our shelter pets and promote the many benefits of spay/neuter are making steady gains (see “Comparing Numbers” Chart), we have a good ways to go.

When you adopt a cat (or two) you save their lives, but your life is also better. If laughter is good medicine, cats can provide a daily dose with their comic antics, or just by snuggling up and letting you know everything’s going to be OK.

This 9 Lives for $9 adoption event is part of Best Friends Animal Society’s national mission of No More Homeless Pets, which aims to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. FOTAS is a participating member of the No More Homeless Pets Network, a program of Best Friends Animal Society, offers help and support to animal rescue groups that save lives in their communities.

Of course, not everyone can or should add a feline family member. If you are unable to provide a home for a deserving cat, perhaps you could help by donating your time at C.A.T.S, help us identify more foster homes for kittens (and puppies!), or make a generous donation to FOTAS that will help us continue to improve the condition of their innocent lives. Thank you.

FOTAS volunteers work with the Aiken County Animal Shelter, 411 Wire Road. For more information, contact or visit

Aiken County Animal Shelter: “Comparing Numbers”

2012 2013

Cats Dogs Cats Dogs

Animal Intake 282 331 251 259

Rescued 26 80 21 108

Euthanized 294 264 248 164

STORM – 5 yrs. Handsome, affectionate with big adoring green eyes! Friday he’ll be $9; only $35 now.

ALEXANDRIA - 1 yr. shepherd mix. A unique beauty and a sweetie! Have her for only $70