Big Brother is watching you. Bush used the NSA to target calls going in and out of the country to keep an eye on terrorism. Obama is using it not to stem terrorism, but to profile the American voter. With a major database of every American, how in the world could the next democratic candidate lose?

Enough nuts

Obama is collecting all our emails and phone calls to find out if there is any criminal activities going on. He’s not letting anyone sneak into the country. It’s the people who are paying them. We already have enough nuts in this country, so no one else needs to sneak in.


Millions of Americans are unemployed, and no new jobs are being created, yet Congress wants to bring in millions of illegal immigrants. How many more people are we going to have to take care of?

Great concert

The Juilliard in Aiken concert last night was just wonderful. It was truly a great concert. We’ll look forward to seeing the USC Aiken jazz group again.

Please explain

They want to put a semi-pro baseball team on the Savannah River. Who is behind this? Someone is trying to make money on this. Why should the taxpayers have to fund this?

If this, then that

I see that a man was shot in the hand while trying to buy a video game. It just proves that stolen items are really hot. Maybe if people would stop buying stolen items, then people would stop stealing.

Cash price, credit price

I can understand why gas stations use the cash price and the credit price for gas, but it’s turning customers off. Mainly me. I don’t carry cash. If you have a vendetta against the bank, you should take it out on the bank and take them to court.


When the fertilizer plant blew up in Texas and there was a bombing in Boston, all we heard about was Boston. Boston, Boston, Boston.


I was stuck on Monday in the downpour. A gentleman came to my aid. He went to his home, got a rope and pulled me out of the deep sand. I just want to thank him for his help.