The May 30 edition of the Aiken Standard contained an article that the Aiken County School Board was still exploring the tax financing plan for Project Jackson in North Augusta. The City of North Augusta wants the School Board to sign off on a TIF so that North Augusta can pursue a public/private partnership in order to develop a site along the river. Remember FineDeering.

I thought that the School Board’s job was to run a school system in order to educate children, not promote economic development and spend money foolishly. At least it appears as though they are consulting with some independent experts to advise them on this issue rather than relying on North Augusta’s dog-and-pony show to make a decision. With budgets tight, there is no way that the Board should be in the development business with anyone. They should stick to education and avoid these so-called public/private deals that can only hurt their finances.

Hopefully the voters will remember this fiasco come election time.

Stick to your job.

Ted Eno