Palace Malice’s dominant performance in the Belmont was more than a great victory for Dogwood Stables – it was, indeed, a magnificent moment for all of Aiken. Cot and Ann Campbell have always been great advocates and enthusiasts of Aiken, and Cot’s interview on NBC truly highlighted his love for our community.

Growing up in Aiken, I was intrigued with the names that helped shape Aiken – Hitchcock, Whitney, Grace, Bostwick, Knox and Iselin. The introduction of Dogwood Stables and the Campbells to Aiken in the 1980s have richly added to this legacy of equestrian supremacy, community involvement and a keen exuberance for all the people and values of this unique city.

Dogwood Stables has given Aiken two of the most glamorous titles in all of thoroughbred racing, the Preakness and the Belmont. We could not have a greater ambassador to the world representing Aiken than Cot and Ann Campbell.

Thank you for your remarkable accomplishments in racing, your gracious dignity and your spirited passion for Aiken.

Here’s hoping for many more safe rides.

Rob Johnston