According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that her 1999 green Ford Taurus was missing from outside her residence on Edgemont Drive. She said she left her house to help a friend and left the front door unlocked. She later noticed her car keys were not on the table where she had put them and then she discovered her car was gone.

A Wagener woman reported on Saturday that a 55-inch Vizio flat screen television was missing from a residence on Mcduffie Street. She said she was watching the residence while the owner was out of town and noticed that a living room window had been “pushed up.” She then discovered that the television was gone.

A North Augusta man reported on Saturday that his vehicle was missing from outside his residence on Seaborn Drive. The responding officer observed what appeared to be “snatch and grab” tow truck marks on the ground where the victim said the vehicle was parked.

An abandoned trailer was found on Saturday and returned it its owner, a Graniteville man who lives on Country Glen Avenue. He said the trailer had been stolen.

A Beech Island man reported on Friday that a laptop was among the items taken from behind the driver’s seat of his vehicle. A door was unlocked at the time the incident occurred.