Dear Scott: Santa here. Could you tell me of a product or how I can keep my “dirty” white hair and beard a “pure” white color? I can’t find any products on shelves of beauty supply places or online.

Answer: It is incredibly flattering that Santa reads my column. I have heard that it has been picked up in the strangest places, but this one beats all.

It is also grand for everyone to see that throughout the year even Santa Claus cares about the way he looks, hidden away at the North Pole and all. Sometimes people become complacent with their appearance when out of sight from the public. I am sure that Mrs. Claus appreciates the extra effort on your part.

The shampoo is there at the beauty supply and also online. It will be called something like “shimmering lights” or “shiny silver.” Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson for assistance in finding the product if shopping at a retail beauty supply. To a civilian it can get pretty confusing in there. If shopping online search “bluing shampoo” on Amazon, eBay or any beauty supply website.

By “dirty” white, I am assuming that you are referring to the yellow color associated with white hair. The bluing shampoo will not change the dark gray colors of the hair or beard. Only the white strands of hair will be enhanced. Everyone always thinks of Santa Claus as having pure white hair and beard but usually there are some darker shades of gray mixed within the white. I will stay up all night next Christmas Eve and await your arrival down the chimney to give you a private consultation, if you need it.

It is the “blue” tint in the shampoo that helps to erase unwanted yellows from the hair. There is a secret for successful results with this product. Over a period of time, the bluing factor will accumulate and begin to actually turn your hair blue if you use it every time you shampoo your hair and beard.

To avoid turning into Santa Smurf, follow these directions:

Have an elf get two mixing bowls, a funnel, a 16-ounce bottle of regular shampoo and a big wooden spoon. Pour half of the bottle of “blue” shampoo in one bowl and half in the other. Then pour half of the regular shampoo in each bowl with the blue stuff. Mix each bowl with the big wooden spoon. Pour it back in the bottles using the funnel. Use it every other time you shampoo.

Scott Terwilliger is an Aiken salon owner. Email for questions and comments.