Lester Welch has a totally myopic, misguided and incorrect assumption in his letter, “Benghazi-Watergate an unfair comparison” (May 23). His claims that Watergate was a criminal act and Benghazi was merely a series of mistakes and bad judgment leads one to believe that he thinks the death of four people can be written off as long as it is not classified as a criminal act. Indeed Watergate was a criminal act, and the people who perpetrated it were prosecuted and brought to justice for it. President Nixon left office in disgrace. No one disputes that.

I find Welch’s crass attitude that people die as part of their job in the diplomatic service to be on the same level as our former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she blurted out in anger, “ … at this point, what difference does it make?”

It makes a lot of difference.

Perhaps it can’t legally be classified as criminal, but it will surely go down in history as the greatest wholesale cover up formed and executed by people who found it more politically expedient to throw our ambassador and three other men to the wolves to save the hides of people in the government’s inner circle. On top of doing nothing at all to send help, they lied for weeks about what happened, and to date, there are still no answers as to whom gave orders to “stand down” when reinforcements could have saved the situation.

Molly C. Gray