It’s time to once and for all resolve the immigration dilemma. The best way to deal with this issue is to find a country that has already solved the problem. I would suggest Australia.

It is their policy that immigrants, not Australians, must adapt. The populace doesn’t have to worry about some other individual or his culture. Their own existing culture has been developed for more than 200 years and most citizens want to keep it that way. They speak English there, so anyone who wishes to join them should also speak their language.

Australia is a Christian country with a Christian tradition. It is certainly appropriate to display Christian symbols in their public buildings. They accept the beliefs of immigrants and do not question why.

All they ask is that immigrants accept theirs, and live in harmony with them.

Australia belongs to the Australians. It is their country, their land and their lifestyle. Immigrants are welcome to share in that life without trying to change it. If they are not happy, they are free to leave. After all, Australia didn’t force the immigrants to go there; the immigrants asked to be there. If they can’t accept the country they accepted, they should return to the country from whence they came.

David J. Didimamoff