You may have seen one of 225 students around Aiken recently sporting a royal blue “I’m a Character Kid” bracelet. The bracelet indicates that the student was recognized for good character at the 14th annual Celebration of Character held earlier this month at St. Angela Hall.

The student was nominated by someone from the school for outstanding character. In addition to the bracelets, which can be worn as an outward sign of their recognition, the students also received certificates. The 21 seniors in this group received an additional certificate and monetary award given in memory of L.S. and Ann McCormick, former residents of Aiken to whom good character was very important. The senior students not only received recognition at the event, but also were recognized at their high school honors ceremonies.

In the 14 years we have been doing this program, we have honored well over 3,000 students.

The Joint Women’s Clubs of Aiken for Celebration of Character once again would like to express appreciation to the community for their support. The Joint Women’s Clubs of Aiken are comprised of Aiken Chapter of Links, Aiken Christian Woman’s Connection, Aiken Woman’s Club, Aiken Junior Woman’s Club, American Association of University Women, Cedar Creek Ladies Club, Aiken Newcomer’s Club, Pilot Club of Aiken, Sand River Woman’s Club, Town and Country Club, Women of Woodside and additional community volunteers.

A number of businesses and organizations in addition to the Joint Women’s Clubs offered support in either financial contributions or in services to enable us to continue this program. We certainly thank you for this assistance without which we would not be able to continue.

We were pleased to have Beth Everitt, Aiken County School Superintendent, attend and be a part of our ceremony again this year. The participation of Mayor Fred Cavanaugh, Aiken City Manager Richard Pearce and Aiken Human Resources Director Alicia Davis lent dignity to our event.

We were entertained with musical selections by the St. Mary’s Singers under the direction of Andrea Lutz. The staff of St. Angela Hall, led by Janet Morris, could not have been more helpful.

Thank you to each of you for all you do to make our Celebration of Character such a success. You each have the right to smile and feel satisfied for a job well done. We will look forward to working with you again for Celebration of Character 2014.

Betty Thomason

Chairperson, Celebration of Character