I read with interest the Letter to the Editor from Fred Hoefle in Monday’s (May 20) paper, and I totally agree with his position. I remember a townhouse meeting I attended recently where my representative in the state legislature announced with pride that he had an “A Plus” rating from the National Rifle Association.

Let’s see. An “A” rating means that he did everything the NRA asked of him, the “Plus” must mean that he went above and beyond what the NRA wanted. Guess what my legislator did next: He backed a bill in the House of Representative to allow the carrying of weapons in restaurants serving alcoholic beverages. That ought to earn him an “A Plus Plus.”

And we thought he represented the wishes of his constituents, not the NRA.

By the way, why haven’t we heard from the Aiken Police Chief or the Aiken County Sheriff about this bill?

By Jerrold Sundt