Juilliard in Aiken is coming back in March – with a couple of changes.

The festival often is filled with such “wow” moments that, after five years, two locals decided they needed to be captured, according to Betty Ryberg, festival vice chair.

Brent Cline and Jason Seigler are teaming up to produce a documentary. The film will highlight various parts of the festival.

“The impact that the Juilliard artists have had on our students is one we want to capture,” Ryberg said.

The filming duo will stop by the school outreach programs and one of the concerts. Cline, the lead on the project, will conduct the interviews, while Seigler assists with the filming.

“This is our fifth year, and we have reached over 16,000 students,” Ryberg said. “The students’ reactions and expressions have been an emotional reward for the people involved in the festival. We want to capture those moments of awe and hilarity, from banging feet on the floor in appreciation to one student’s story of connecting to an instrument, as well as the music teachers and choir/choral members.”

Another new feature is a concert that will combine the Trinity Wall Street Choir and Juilliard Orchestra with several Aiken choirs. On the program is Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion.”

“This is how it was done in Bach’s day, with local vocalists adding to the performers,” Ryberg said. “It’s a wonderful way we can showcase the talent in our community with the visiting performers.”

The show will be at First Baptist Church. The Trinity Wall Street Choir is based out of New York City and has been nominated for a Grammy.

“During the festival these young voices as well as Aiken choral groups and church choirs will be able to participate in the performance. All of that interaction will be captured – from the preparation to the performance,” Ryberg said. “Everyone has a story, and we want to hear, see it and share it.”

But,March is several months away.

Juilliard in Aiken has plans for the city before then with its summer program – Juilliard Jazz Camp. The camp will run from June 10-14.

During the week, Juilliard Jazz studies faculty and students will come to instruct, mentor and fine-tune performance skills and teach students ages 13 to 18, according to Ryberg.

The jazz camp faculty will perform a free concert on June 11, and the campers will perform on June 14.

The camp is based at USC Aiken.

For more information on Juilliard in Aiken, visit www.juilliardinaiken.com.