Felons need work

It would be nice to open a plant for felons, men and women. Not a chicken farm or cotton farm, just a decent job with benefits. Felons have got to work, they have to eat, they have to pay their light bills. People need to quit holding people down for making one mistake.

Project Jackson

Aiken County has enough problems without Project Jackson. The Aiken Mall property owner owes $28 million in taxes. It’s a funny thing that Augusta’s not trying to keep its baseball team in Augusta. Maybe they’re not making enough money.

Pray for USA

Pray for President Obama? Pray for our country, not Obama – the man who wishes to destroy our country and our constitution. You do not understand his agenda; so I will pray for you.


Please ask the newscasters to put their hands in their laps; they are getting annoying. They sit there and tap those fingers. It’s a nervous condition. It’s upsetting us here.

Obama rebuttal

President Barack Obama’s legacy will not resemble “Grace with which he handled the endemic racism in America.” Frankly, I am at a loss to recall anything that he has done with grace. The first person who brings up racism in a conversation is, in fact, the racist.

Look before we leap

Please, let’s look before we leap. County Council voted to allocate a whopping $20,000 to $25,000 of your tax money to relocate the Kitchings Mill Library to the grounds of the Aiken County Historical Museum. This library is a white, clapboard two-story structure that will be placed on concrete piers at the corner of Laurens Street and South Boundary. It will necessitate tearing down 40 feet of the lovely serpentine wall surrounding the historic property. The structure will cause the grounds of this property to appear cluttered, and it will detract from the ambience of the historic building. A far more appropriate site for relocating the Kitchings Mill Library is on the south grounds of the Aiken County Public Library. A study has shown this site to be a far better choice.

Moaning and groaning

There sure is a lot of moaning and groaning in and around Aiken over the weekend when SRS employees found out they have to go back to regular schedule. Notice I didn’t say work schedule.