Aiken High competes in Spanish exam

Aiken High School students competed in the National Spanish Exam against more than 100,000 students nationwide and scored as follows: at Level 2, Jessica Gomez, received the gold award; Daniella Smith, Israel Gonzalez and Alejandro Negrete received silver awards; Reid DeMass, Ann Marshall Gillam, Max Serkis and Nathan Stephenson received bronze awards; Akira Braxton, Jinny Brown, Eirian Hackenberg, Aaron Harrison, Jason Hightower, Tristan Hurley, Libby James, Cassidy Mulligan, Kayla Sigwald and Mariel Urizar received honor awards; at Level 3, Nathan Onderdonk-Snow received the bronze award; Ambyr Goff, Viviana Gonzalez and Nick Smith received honor awards; at Level 4, Emily Lintner received the silver award; Ian DeMass and Megan Kneece received bronze awards; and Madison Martin and Ben Shumpert received honor awards; and at Level 5, Kevin Rubio received the silver award, and Jessie Good and Jordan Kelley received honor awards.