A fond goodbye

In my life, I have only personally known three people who lived past the century mark.

One was my father-in-law, who was such a gentleman and clear of mind until his final days, at 101. He has been gone for more than 20 years.

Doing the character profiles for Aiken Standard’s Mature Times tabloid monthly insert, I had the privilege of interviewing and writing in some depth about two others: Ola Hitt and Ruth Milks, as each celebrated their 100th birthdays.

All three were humorous, warm, staying active and curious about life around them until nearly the very end of their days. Each spent their lives doing good things for others.

Many of you have your own stories about these remarkable “steel magnolias.”

Within 24 hours of each other, first Miss Ola, 103, and then Ruth, 102, died peacefully in their sleep.

Their combined ages were 205 years. They were living close by one another, though I doubt they ever met. How grateful I am to say I met them both.

Feeling drowsy?

What a great cast is on tap for the upcoming Aiken Community Playhouse presentation of “The Drowsy Chaperone,” starting May 24 and running at various times and dates through June 8.

Many of the performers are favorites from the Heart Show casts, such as Betsy Wilson-Mahoney, Tom Nance and Adam Shults, along with Lisa Bernard and Elizabeth Cahill. You know they are good and always deliver first-rate entertainment.

The play might have a slightly mature theme with adult humor, just so you know.

Call the box office at 803-648-1438, or visit aikencommunityplayhouse.com for more information.

Someone who will do windows

Ever hear someone say, “I don’t do windows!” Well, Quincy proudly proclaims “We Wash Windows,” and they do it so well that Angie’s List recommends this family-owned enterprise, long treasured in the Aiken/Augusta area.

In fact, We Wash Windows owner Quincy and assistant Frank were weary when they came for my once-a-year sparkle and shine, having been busy non-stop since before the Master’s. Yes, they do Augusta National, too.

I’m no Angie, but I call them every spring, and now several of my Cedar Creek neighbors do, too. Fan blades in those tall ceilings are also clean today.

Calendar worthy

The Aiken Women’s Heart Board Show in January of 2013 had some exceptional music. These doo-wop Jersey Boys sounds are easy on the ears of lots of us and bring back great memories.

While there are no plans to do an encore performance every future year, the music from “Remember Then” Encore will be performed again on Tuesday, July 23, and Wednesday, July 24, at the USCA Etherredge Center.

Jim Moore, Darrell Rains, Steve Peterson, Agnes Hobson, Jack Benjamin and the fabulous singers and musicians all were willing to repeat just the singing (no acting this time), starting each evening at 7:30, with no intermission, and ending by 9 p.m.

Tickets are $15, with proceeds benefit the Aiken Women’s Heart Board and USCA Theatre Department Association. Check with the Etherredge Center Box Office starting July 1 or call Linda Calhoun at 803-643-3899 for additional information.

And, while you are at it, remember the annual Patriotic Worship Service at St. John’s UMC downtown, at 10:30 a.m. on June 30, to kick off Independence Week.

Ret. Col. Gary Lamb, former leader of both the Aiken Community Concert Band and The U.S. Army Chorus, will direct a large choir and the Aiken Brass in stirring, patriotic music.

There will be an Honor Guard arranged by Aiken’s Brig. General John Geiger, with a rousing salute to each and every one of you veterans.

This is a “feel good” service with a brief message, followed by an indoor picnic. No reservations are required.

Midge Rothrock has degrees in communications and an MBA and writes each month in the Aiken Standard’s Mature Times. Send story ideas for “A Smidge with Midge” to Rothrock at smidge@atlanticbb.net.