While Washington leaders continue to look for compromise on the issue of gun control, our South Carolina legislators are going completely liberal. Liberal, that is, by the recently introduced Senate bills, S.115 and S.308, and similar bills in the House. Apparently our legislators believe the fewer gun control laws South Carolina has, the safer we will be.

These bills would allow people to carry guns, concealed or not, anywhere, with very few limitations. These laws are so liberal they are geared to “gun un-control.” Possibly these bills are the most progressive in the history of South Carolina.

It appears some of our legislators wish to promote these bills to enhance their ambitions in seeking high government office. By putting themselves out as the most “conservative of the conservatives,” they seek to gain the attention of their constituents, and hope to unseat current political positions.

These chest-thumping dog-and-pony shows are little more than “look at me” efforts to gather attention. Regrettably, these efforts tend to work all too well in South Carolina.

If these bills are passed by our legislators, could it be that one day we could all carry Colt .45s, like the Lone Ranger, on Laurens Street?

I was pleased to see that S.115 does explicitly state it’s unlawful to carry any handgun, whether concealed or not, with the intent to commit a crime. We know how law-abiding our South Carolina criminals are. This provision makes me feel much safer.

I trust the supporters of these bills will reconcile their conscience when casting their votes.

Fred Hoefle