While walking through my neighborhood, camera in hand hoping to photograph the late afternoon sun as it created streams of sunlight between the shadows of trees, I was rewarded with capturing a wildlife visitor to the wooded area that separates my street from Hitchcock Parkway.

The sound of powerful wings alerted me. Scanning the trees in front of me, I saw it – a large owl had just landed on the branch of a tree. I was far enough away from it not to alarm it with my presence, but close enough to raise my camera and shoot. That moment ultimately resulted in an artwork because, yes, I am an artist.

Bob Gilbert’s letter in Friday’s Aiken Standard, obviously well-researched and supported by solid engineering experience, gives all of us good reason to side with the more realistic and sensible approach he presents. I can only add my support, and another justification for considering the protection of areas that would be a welcome haven for avian visitors.

Marilyn Hartley