At a time when this nation needs two strong, or reasonably strong, political parties, we have none. And when we need strong leadership in the two political parties, we have none.

The result? A totally dysfunctional government. The House is totally inept. Why? Because the far right Republicans (mostly Tea Partiers) see more to gain for being obstructionists than looking for solutions. They fail to consider the good of the nation. For example, how many times will they go through the feckless exercise of trying to repeal Obamacare?

The Speaker is ineffective in reaching any consensus among even his own party members. The Senate is not much better. The majority leader could not even deliver the requisite votes for the expanded background checks for potential gun buyers. Has he, in fact, helped push any meaningful legislation through the Senate?

And the senior minority leader never has anything positive to offer. Does anyone even pay attention to his statements and missives? Does he even think of the national interests?

Add to this situation a president who has not demonstrated much of an ability to lead or govern. So we have federal government constipation – nothing gets done and the blame game goes on. As a start, isn’t it time to consider term limits for members of Congress?

Frank Ruocco