The Aiken Homeschool graduation ceremony was held at the River of Life Church in Aiken on Friday evening. Thirteen homeschool seniors, along with their families and friends, gathered to celebrate this momentous milestone.

The keynote speaker for the ceremony was George Myers, meteorologist for WJBF news in Augusta, a former homeschool parent.

Myers believes that when a student is home-schooled, they are taught core values and beliefs that help the student grow and become a well-rounded individual who is prepared for what the world may put in front of them.

“When they are released full-time into the world, they are so confident in what they believe in and so comfortable with who they are, that when our culture unleashes everything it has at them, they can stand strong and do the right thing, no matter how strong the peer pressure may be,” said Myers.

Myers spoke as to why one would homeschool a student. Perhaps the student is gifted and would excel in a homeschool environment. On the other hand, maybe the student struggles in a particular subject. Home schooling allows the student to take their time to fully understand the topic.

Whatever the reason for home schooling may be, the students are prepared to face what lies ahead, Myers said.

Tim McFall, one of the homeschool graduates, believes that home schooling provided him with the opportunity to take the courses he needed and wanted to take.

“Home schooling provided me with a customized education,” McFall said.

Along with the normal homeschool course load, McFall was a concurrent student at USC Aiken.

Myers finished his commencement address by quoting President Theodore Roosevelt, a home-schooled student.

Roosevelt stated that, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

“Graduates, you have been given a tremendous education, not just in academics, but how to be a quality person, to have character and integrity,” said Myers. “Now, you are equipped to go into the world today and be a success.”