Concealed carry

You can legally carry a firearm in Georgia if you obtain a non-resident concealed weapon permit from either Utah, Florida, Pennsylvania or New Hampshire. Of course, you have to be licensed in South Carolina first. Georgia honors those out-of-state permits, but not South Carolina’s. I took the Utah class, which is offered locally. For $50, and four hours, I am able to legally carry in Georgia and 30 other states.


In response to the person who doesn’t understand spending money on animals at the animal shelter when some will eventually be put down: It’s not about logic, it’s about compassion and kindness. I certainly hope for you, in your life, there have been times and, will be times, that people do kind things for you not because it makes sense on a ledger sheet, but because it makes sense in their heart.

Gay athlete

This is about the gay athlete TalkBack. This person must really have blinders on. Jason Collins can’t get married here in Aiken or in South Carolina. He can’t offer his significant other health insurance. He can’t do anything if he happened to be in a domestic violence situation. He can’t go into the courtroom and get an order of protection. So are we really accepting? I think you need to take your blinders off and take a better look.

The president

To the person who suggested the president should serve in the armed forces, does that mean the president also should not have any money so he knows what it’s like to be poor?

Absent tax bill

I think everyone who didn’t get an Aiken County tax bill should write in. I didn’t receive one and had to pay a fine for not paying on time. What an interesting way to make money.


Why does the teachers being furloughed have to be compared to SRS? Look at the big picture. The teachers were furloughed four or five days while SRS workers have been furloughed for weeks. But why do we have to compare them? Why can’t we just pray for each other instead of pointing the finger all the time?

Kitten rescue

Thank you, to the great guys at Firestone who rescued a little kitten who got stuck under my truck between the frame and the bed. They put the truck up on the lift and were able to get that kitten out of there, and it was a wonderful sight. Those are great people working over there.