Past presidents

To the not-very-smart individual regarding the commander-in-chief. Eleven out of our 44 past presidents did not serve in the military. Many past presidents served in the National Guard or their state militia. Past service should not be a requirement, but it is admirable. I have only read of one great president who never served our military. He had polio. His name: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt brought us through World War II.

Paper tax bills

I have never paid late bills to anyone but the Aiken County tax office, and I am 50 years old. The reason I paid late was I never received a paper copy of the bill. Each time, I found out when the police pulled my husband or me over for an expired tag. It has happened to a lot of my decent, law-abiding friends. So, go outside and look at your tag. You may be the next victim to not get your bill and have to pay late fees when the cops pull you over six months later.

Ignorant drivers

I am sick and tired of the massive numbers of ignorant drivers in Aiken. Specifically, I am tired of almost being clobbered every time I try to make a legal left turn into the center lane, only to be cut off or nearly hit by idiots who change lanes while turning. If you are turning right, you turn into the far right lane; turning left, into the left lane.

We are divided

Whatever happened to “United we stand, divided we fall?” Ever since Obama got into office, our nation has been divided. Rich against poor. Democrats against Republicans. Black against white. Immigrants against citizens. You name it, we are divided. Is that what Obama wanted to do?

Project Jackson

Why is the Aiken County School Board involved in Project Jackson? I thought school taxes were collected for educational purposes. Defer taxes now and increase school taxes in three to five years – no one will remember you robbed Peter to pay Paul. In other words, you will rob children’s education to fund Project Jackson.

Pay the teachers

The School Board is always complaining about no money and raises for the teachers. Why build something we don’t need? Pay the teachers.

More appropriate site

The two charming, small buildings in back of the Aiken County Historical Museum fit well into that space and add to the history of Aiken County. However, it is a mistake to add another, larger building near that same space at the lovely, wavy wall. The Kitchings Mill library building is not aesthetically compelling and is unremarkable architecturally, just a square, white clapboard unit. Is there not a more appropriate site in all of Aiken County for this library?