During the past several years, I have written many letters to the editor in which I was critical of the Republican Party. I believe my criticisms were valid at the time, and I believe the following criticisms are valid now.

I find it really abhorrent that the leaders of the Republican Party are always scheming to try to get some type of political advantage. Their schemes are deceitful and void of honor.

One of their latest schemes is their effort to extract some type of scandal out of the tragedy of Benghazi. The loss of the lives of the four diplomatic personnel in the embassy consulate attack on Sept. 11, was terrible, but to suggest that President Obama should be impeached, is ridiculous.

 Republicans attempted to use Benghazi as a wedge issue in the weeks leading up to the 2012 election, but after Obama thoroughly embarrassed Mitt Romney during their second or third debate, I thought they had concluded that it was not worth pursuing anymore. I was wrong. You see, as I said earlier, they are always scheming.

 Their scheme this time around is to do a pre-emptive strike on Hillary Clinton as a possible 2016 democratic presidential candidate. Clinton has not said that she will be a candidate, but that is not stopping the Republican leaders. If Clinton can be weakened with their dishonorable accusations, in their mind, the advantage goes to them.

With all of their feigned outrage on the lack of security for the diplomats in Libya, they fail to acknowledge that when the State Department asked for $300 million in additional funding to beef up embassy security, the Republicans blocked the funding request.

This is typical of their leadership. Obstructionism is the order of the day for them.

 Moses Mims