Renee Mack, the principal of J.D. Lever Elementary School, is retiring after this school year following 30 years of service in the Aiken County School District as teacher, assistant principal, and now, principal.

Mack has always put the students first. She has worked countless hours — sometimes 14 and 16 hours a day — trying to get things for students and teachers for the next day.

Under the leadership of Mack, the school won the State Department of Education “Red Carpet” award in 2008.In 2010 and 2011, J.D. Lever won the Palmetto Silver and Golden award.

In 2011, Mack’s mother, Nettie Joan LeGrand Roe, crocheted hats and scarves for the children at J.D. Lever Elementary School to keep them warm while waiting for the bus on cold mornings.

At J.D. Lever we have summer programs, and an after school program called Quest Zone she began in 2010. We participated in the Food Backpack Program as well, all under the leadership of Mack.

Mack will be greatly missed by the students, faculty, staff and the community.

Ms. Mack, you may never go down in the history books, but we want you to know that you have touched so many lives at J.D. Lever.

You are the “bright light” down Hwy. 1 at J.D. Lever Elementary, and every time I travel that way, I will think about your light that shines so bright and touched the community and Aiken County School District.

Ms. Mack, I could say a job well done, but it was only a job you could do. Enjoy a life.

Wilbur Leon Johnson, III

Head Custodian, J.D. Lever Elementary