Obama calling

Well, do you suppose the president is going to call those three ladies that have been living in a house of horror for ten years, and congratulate them on their courage, especially the one for beating on the door and then calling 911? God, I hopes he calls them – or do you have to be a gay basketball player to get that honor?

Riding bikes

I’ve ridden bicycles all over the world, especially in the military. But I have never seen such flagrant violations by bicyclists as I have here – riding four a breast, riding in the middle lane, not using hand signals and not paying attention to the laws that govern bicycles at all. You’re supposed to give way to cars if there’s enough room on the side road, and they’re not even doing that. They act like they own the road. The police need to start ticketing these guys. It’s really getting bad, and somebody’s going to get killed.

Drugs, guns

Bill O’Reilly is at it again. He feels that we need to protect the people who want to buy drugs from the bad drug dealers. The only consequence of buying drugs and overdosing oneself would be suicide. No one else would become the victim of this action. It is called taking responsibility for yourself. However, according to Bill O’Reilly, it is OK to buy an assault rifle, because that is a Constitutional right. Those weapons are often used to harm other people. Newtown is only one example out of a long list of recent shootings. That seems to be OK though. Unfortunately, many people agree with O’Reilly and that is really sad.

Personal rights

I live on Saddlejump Place and agree that we all have rights. For the individual that states, “Live and let live,” anyone who lives out here knows the difference between the young men and their friends playing their sound systems, the older gentlemen at the end of the road playing his radio when he works outside and the young man whose band plays multiple nights for hours at a time. We all should have the good sense to be courteous neighbors, which means cutting band practice off by, say, 9 p.m., or lowering your radio down a tad bit when working outside. I try and remember that, yes, I have the right to do what I like on my land to an extent. However, my neighbor also has a right not to be bothered with whatever I am doing.

White House

Benghazi, IRS targeting conservative groups, DOJ grabbing AP phone records and Sebelius fundraising – Obama is doing what the American people hired him to do. But only if you donated money and voted for him.