Federal funds have been approved for use at SRS, according to Congressman Joe Wilson (R, S.C.), a move which apparently mitigates the threat of furloughs at the facility.

The $79 million the Department of Energy wanted switched for immediate use at SRS was approved by the Office of Management and Budget earlier this month, where the request had sat since March 18. Yet, it still had to be OK'd by two U.S. House committees and two U.S. Senate Committees

That OK came Wednesday afternoon.

“The Congressional approval of SRS's reprogramming request is a tremendous victory for the people of Aiken County, Barnwell County, the Palmetto State, and our nation," Wilson said in a statement. "As a member of Congress who serves on one of the four committees given jurisdiction over the approval process, I commend the House and Senate for taking action quickly to ensure that our nation's nuclear facilities are capable of completing vital missions with an appropriate workforce. The president's Office of Management and Budget must do its job and begin implementation by reallocating the previously appropriated resources as soon as possible. Our national security depends on it.”

Sequestration cut $100 million from SRS funding, a move that meant a significant reduction in scope of work and employee hours. More than 2,500 employees have been subject to reduced working hours.

If these funds had not been OK'd by May 22, up to 900 of those employees would have lost all working hours.