Another great first offense punishment for shoplifters would be to use a bright red dye like what is used in the bank dye packs. Dye both hands for everyone to see. Make this ink where it would take at least two months for it to gradually fade away on the hands. Let everyone know who these “scum bags” are and what they thrive on.

Yard clippings

It is obvious that the County and City have too many employees with not enough to do. Last week, I looked out to see police and deputies in front, behind and on the side of my house. It looked like a SWAT team. I thought maybe I had been implicated in the Boston bombing. All six of them came into my house and surrounded me. I was being accused of the heinous crime of putting yard clipping on the curb in front of my house. A simple phone call could have resolved the matter.

Downtown crime

After all the solutions being contemplated concerning crime downtown in Augusta and at Riverwalk, the root of the problem has still not been mentioned. First, the thugs roaming the streets and alleys seeking people to rob are not being controlled. These are the same as those who caused the closing of a once beautiful Regency Mall.

Second, the State of Georgia doesn’t require an instructional training class to obtain a concealed-weapons permit (CWP), so South Carolina won’t honor Georgia’s permit. In retaliation, Georgia then refuses to honor South Carolina’s permit. This leaves me, as a law-abiding citizen of South Carolina, defenseless to enjoy night strolls with my wife and children on Riverwalk as we used to do, lest we end up beaten and robbed as the couple was lately.  


In the SC-ETV “Naturescene: Hitchcock Woods” program, naturalist Rudy Mancke says that a core sample has dated a tree in the bottom of the ravine to the time that the first few people were starting to build in Aiken. Therefore, the ravine was here before the City of Aiken and was created by nature, not by Aiken. If Aiken was near the Grand Canyon, the City would be spending millions to fix that “problem.”


To the person who keeps writing in about drugs in New Ellenton: Drugs are everywhere in Aiken County. You have a mayor, police department and police officers that your tax dollars pay for. Stop the madness, get them to do their jobs or vote a new mayor and police chief in.