Restaurant participation

The reason we don’t have nice sit-down restaurants on the north side and the west side is because the people don’t appreciate them. Every nice restaurant that’s gone on that side of town has closed because of lack of participation. The southside encourages restaurants and participates with them.

Football coach

I’m waiting for Aiken High to choose a football coach, and if Aiken High chooses a coach from the same staff, we have not solved the problem.

Calling now

During the session about the Savannah River Site with Rep. Joe Wilson and Sen. Tom Young, they repeatedly made the point that we need to telephone the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, D.C. and tell them to reprogram the money for SRS. The newspaper, however, did not print the phone number that they told us to call. That number is 202-395-3120. I hope everybody in Aiken will make a point of calling that number and supporting this effort.

New Ellenton

Yes, it’d be nice if New Ellenton turned its town into Aiken County, and maybe the City of Aiken would come in and bust all these drug dealers and crackheads down here, because New Ellenton and the mayor are about nothing.

Sanford and Clinton

One wonders if those who complain about Mark Sanford’s indiscretions while in office are also as negative about Bill Clinton, who, as president, engaged in oral sex with a young intern in the Oval Office, thus not only betraying his marriage vows, but also defiling the very symbolism of the office. Yet he has gone on to make millions, is an important figure and is adored by the liberals today. Double standards, perhaps?

That’s OK

Let me see now. Sanford won a house seat in South Carolina, and 365,000 democrats voted for Alvin Greene during the governor’s race. That’s OK, though.

A suggestion

I would like to make a suggestion to the grocery stores in the area. When we are having a very rainy day, maybe the baggers could take the customers’ carts to the front entrance and wait for them to drive up to the front of the store. A ticket could be given to customers to know which bagger is waiting at the entrance with the groceries. Carts won’t get left out in the rain, and the food won’t get as wet because it will be sitting in the store. More dry carts will be available, and the baggers won’t have to be soaking wet when they go back to work into the freezing store. It has worked other places, and, with some thought, it could work here.