It’s refreshing to see democracy work, and the South Carolina Republicans elect former Gov. Mark Sanford, who truly represents their deepest values.


The NRA does not run the country, and the CEO is not a murderer. The power it has is from us – the millions of gun owners that send them money to fight for our rights. The truth is, we shouldn’t have to have a group like the NRA, because we should have a government that protects rights, not destroys them. Some people hate guns, but would beg for one if you needed it.


What a blessing it is that those three kidnapped women were found alive. Doesn’t it seem obvious that a woman who admitted to stabbing her boyfriend numerous times and slitting his throat would be found guilty of murder? With that being said, why did the mainstream media spend all their time on these two stories and hardly mention the Benghazi hearings? Is it not important to find out who was responsible for the lies about the killing of our ambassador and three others? Apparently not when this administration is involved. Thank you, to The Blaze and Fox News, for caring enough to air the hearings.

Coffee and church

For those who have written about coffee and what people are wearing – you won’t want to come to our church. We have people who wear skinny jeans, shorts and – gasp – even guys who wear saggy pants. We have young girls who do hip-hop dance and praise Jesus at the same time. See, the God I serve tells me to come as I am. When I stand before him, I truly doubt he will ask me what I wore to church or if I ever had coffee in the chapel. Read Matthew 25:35-40.


In reference to the article about drinks in church: My church allows us to bring water bottles because everyone gets thirsty. I do not think God looks down on people who drink God’s natural water. After all, he did provide it.

Can do

If Bill Clinton can do it, so can Mark Sanford.


Congratulations to all those Aiken Technical College graduates — Awesome!