“Everybody loves Raymond’s” mom, played by Doris Roberts, is the sort of mother that everyone loves to hate. Marie Barone, with hair that would need to be wrapped in toilet paper at night for it to look like it does, comes in No. 5 on the list of moms with personal style. Her house is so clean that even a Dyson can’t find dirt.

It’s not only her perfectly perfect way of dressing that gives her that typical mom impression. Her style of phrasing words with a peculiar second meaning is one that is easy to associate with many moms in real life. With comments like, “Your hair is nice. Did you mean to cut it that way?” Marie has memorable style that’s still all her own. Marie says, “That’s what parents do – they lie to their kids for their own good.”

There better not be any wire hangers in the closet when “Mommie Dearest” looks in there. Fay Dunaway plays Joan Crawford with an uncanny resemblance to the roaring ’20s star. Crawford was labeled “box office poison” in the ’30s and was forced to retire in the late ’70s. This is probably why she had a little bit of a bad attitude and a total lack of motherly love.

According to her daughter’s recollection, she may not have been the best mother. But she did have immeasurable style. Her finger-waved hair and eyebrows that look like they were put there with a Magic Marker sets her up as No. 4.

No list could be complete without “Serial Mom.” Played by Kathleen Turner, this mom is one of John Waters’ crazy concoctions of a true character. Beverly Sutphin, who seems much like June Cleaver, is the perfect example of a soccer mom gone bad.

Her bob-style hairdo, and her dress that matches her luggage, sets her up to be No. 3 on the list. Even though she kills everyone who gets in the way of the happiness of her family, it’s hard not to love a mother with such devotion and style.

Morticia Addams of the “Addams Family” in all of her elegant morbid splendor, and because of our longtime infatuation with Frankenstein’s bride, Lily Munster of the “Munsters” are tied for second place. These two gruesomely beautiful women, who always wear the same dress, manage to take style to a whole new level of cool.

Andorra of “Bewitched” still bewitches us to this day. This eccentric mom character with her bangles, bobbles and a big ’60s hairdo definitely has a style that’s all her own. Her heavy eyeliner and long flowing gowns of mesmerizing beauty make her the most memorable mom of the past.

Agnes Moorehead played a divinely witchy role of a lovingly manipulative mom but does double duty with her role as a hateful mother-in-law that you can’t help but love. Double trouble gives Andorra the No. 1 spot.

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