Maximum freedom

Those who want maximum freedom will have no security.

Live and let live

I am writing in response to the TalkBack regarding neighbors’ rights. I, too, live on Saddlejump Place, and quite frankly don’t mind the band playing. There are other noises out here that are much more disturbing than the music. We’ve got gun shots going off from the people down the road and loud trucks rumbling making houses tremble. Perhaps the music you are hearing are neighbors enjoying music while they work outside. Or you’re hearing a loud truck and think it’s a bass guitar. People have a right to do what they want on their own property. No matter how much land you own, there is still going to be noise. It would be worse living in the city, where most of your neighbors are right on top of you. We have a good sense of “live and let live” around here. Let’s hope no one ruins that.


In Monday’s paper “gonna” was used at least five times by two reporters. Even if someone says “gonna” to a reporter, the reporter should use the correct two words. How are we going to learn from our newspapers? If it’s in the title of a song, that’s different, but just common speech. Next thing we’ll be dropping the “g’s” on -ing words.

Animal shelters

The animal shelters in our country can legally put down animals because they can’t find homes for them. They feed them, give them the shots, waste all that money, and, if they don’t get somebody to adopt them, then they put them down. Who pays the bill when they waste that kind of money until they put them down? I don’t understand the logic.

Three strikes

I would like to know what happened to South Carolina’s three strikes and you’re out. There’s a man in the paper again, today, who was arrested two months ago for running a meth lab. Today, it’s assault and battery. He’s been arrested at least 10 times that I know of for aggravated assault and battery, and yet this man gets out of jail within one or two days. If it was me, I would be rotting in a cell for building a meth lab.

Guns and bars

Let me tell you, I’ve had my concealed weapon for 15 years. I got it when a young 16-year-old boy threatened my family. Everybody told us we were stupid to go through this course, spend this money, go to SLED to get this permit and go through all this kind of stuff. This same boy is in prison for 30 years for murder. They don’t hand you your weapons permit, you earn that permit. And, yes, I carry mine in restaurants. Do I believe they need to be carried in bars? Absolutely no way that needs to be passed. Guns and bars do not go together.