Gay athlete

Jason Collins coming out and announcing that he is gay did not take courage at all. In this day and age, people are more accepting of one’s sexual orientation. So let’s give it a rest. Collins is gay: whoopty-do.

Let’s be fair

I truly hate SRS with the furloughs. I hate when anybody loses their job, but I want to know why all these Congressmen and Senators and all these people who represent us weren’t speaking out when the teachers had furloughs? Nobody said a word when the teachers were being furloughed, and they’re paid a heck of a lot less than people working at SRS. So, let’s be fair about things: If they’re going to speak up for SRS, they need to speak for our teachers and everyone else, even if you work on a trash truck. It needs to be equal.

Concealed carry

To the person who is against concealed carry in Applebee’s. Has it ever crossed your mind that you could be protected in a public place by someone with a CWP? Crazy people do crazy things. You obviously have never been the victim of a violent crime.

For those owners of eating and drinking establishments that serve alcohol: If you allow concealed weapons in your place of business, please display this fact in a large, unambiguous sign at the entrance. There are many potential customers, probably many more than you realize, who will choose to go elsewhere for a meal or a drink.

Breaking the law

Saw an interesting license plate outside the post office at Center South, “GOP NRA.” This white Lexus also had various bumper stickers for Republican agendas. So, what was this citizen doing? Breaking the law by illegally parking in a no parking/standing zone. What a hypocrite.

Shortfall at SRS

Recent articles, including Mike Gellatly’s front page article on May 4, claim that sequestration caused a $100 million shortfall at SRS. The shortfall at SRS was a known (and reported) issue at the start of the fiscal year, long before sequestration took effect. Why weren’t our elected representatives working on the problem then?

Lots of kindness

This is just to say that there’s still lots of kindness in this world. I was shopping at Belk in North Augusta on Monday afternoon, and I fainted. I had some of the best people to gather around me, watch over me and take care of me. I really appreciate all of them. The lady who prayed for me, the sales lady Sharon, the young man Julian – they were all just wonderful, and several others, whose names I didn’t get. God bless you, and thank you very much.