Morning-after pill

I don’t get it. The FDA is allowing the morning-after pill to be purchased by girls as young as 15 years old, but they don’t want kids younger than 21 drinking energy drinks because of the caffeine. One pill kills; one drink energizes. The FDA wants to allow the pill that kills but wants to regulate the drink that delivers energy. We are one screwed-up country.

Keystone pipeline

I hope the person who called in about the Keystone pipeline is the only one who feels that way. The resources come from Canada, not the United States. We’ll transport it across the United States, but the resources come from Canada.

In the not too distant future, pure water will become the most precious commodity on our earth. To bury the Keystone Pipeline over the immense Ogalla and endanger this aquifer is beyond stupid. This inferior, dirty oil is mainly for export to China. And that’s why the pipeline would go all the way to the seaports in Texas.

I’m 60

Aiken really is a sad, dying town. Nobody wants any young people in Aiken to have fun because they’re all washed up. I’m 60, and I think it’s sad and pathetic at some of the privileged mess that all you “high profile” senior citizens have to run your jaws about. “Is someone playing in a band?” You shouldn’t go to bed at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. You shouldn’t talk about politics. At 60, if all I’ve got to do is talk about politics, I’d sooner jump off a cliff somewhere. So why don’t you all gather around at the retainer pond at Odell Weeks and discuss your politics and how much these politicians really love you. Maybe even Mark Sanford will come down there and dive into the water and fetch a few cans for you.

Church nowadays

I agree drinking coffee in church is taboo. We really should not even allow any kind of drinks to come into church. Churches are just going down. The dress is just so pitiful nowadays. Yeah, they’re in church, but what good are they getting out of it if they are so worldly? Let’s see if we can’t do a little bit better and have our houses of worship more pleasing to God.

Act of kindness

I want to thank the woman in the drive-thru at McDonald’s on Richland Avenue, Tuesday afternoon, for paying my order. The cashier said, “The woman in front of you in the blue truck already paid for your order.” Your random act of kindness was greatly appreciated.