Aiken County School District officials said the person or persons who wrote a bomb threat on an Aiken High bathroom wall Tuesday will face expulsion if they can be identified.

Action from Aiken Public Safety also could occur. The threatening statement led to an evacuation of the 1,500-student school.

The students were escorted by teachers and administrators to the football stadium. Scores of parents later arrived, and, after providing driver's licenses, signed out their children. They were contacted by their children through phone calls or text messages.

After an all-clear was issued by Aiken Public Safety, Aiken High did resume a regular schedule about noon, said Principal Garen Cofer. In early afternoon, he had yet to complete a count to see how many students had returned to class.

Aiken High will open for students this morning. Cofer said he had no problem with parents signing out their students.

“It's always the prerogative of the parents,” he said.

A student discovered the written message during first period and reported it to an administrator. Aiken High School Resource Office Penny Stanford was on site and was joined by other officers after Public Safety was notified about 8:30 a.m.

“We called explosive detection units from Richmond County, Lexington County and the State Law Enforcement Division,” said Public Safety spokesman Jake Mahoney. The units' dogs went through the entire campus without incident.

The escort to the stadium and the parents' arrival to get their children was orderly throughout, Cofer said. The primary focus was on safety.

“Our teachers and students knew what to do,” he said. “Public Safety was outstanding. We're happy that everybody is safe, and we're back to business.”