On May 1 at 8:10 a.m., a female in a white Jeep pulled up to a red light, stopped and was looking over at a car beside her at the light. She must have of known him because the light turned green and she continued to sit there, waving and trying to get his attention. I finally sounded my horn. This lady drove off, only to put her window down and give me the finger. I am still not sure why I deserved the flip off, since I was the one driving according to the law, and the white Jeep was not.

Sanford, Woods

Will someone please explain to me why some people are still upset with Tiger Woods, who is a private citizen, for his marital infidelity, but are willing to return Mark Sanford to a public service position? Woods was not accountable to us. On the other hand, Sanford had a sworn duty to serve us, but he abandoned us and his family. We have enough representatives from this state who are good at criticizing but offer no viable solutions to our state and nations problems. We don't need another.

God above Sanford

The time comes that you put God before politics. When he was sworn in as governor, to protect and progress South Carolina, he did not only break his vow to God and his wife but also to the state of South Carolina. Therefore, he should not be in politics whatsoever.

Secondhand smoke

I'm hoping that we realize that little children riding in cars with smokers is very dangerous to children's health, and someone who understands the law would understand that this might be something very important to look into.


I was just wondering: Is there anybody in Aiken that is hiring kids for part-time work? My daughter is 18 years old, and she graduates high school this year. She has been all over Aiken applying for jobs, and nobody seems to be hiring.

Unfair justice

It's been proven that Hillary Clinton lied to the Senate committee when she testified about Benghazi. How come we're not hearing of her being pulled back in, questioned more or arrested? Justice is not fair most of the time in the political world.