NRA in the USA

People are always arguing about who is running this country: the Republicans or the Democrats? Neither one, dear readers. It’s the NRA. The NRA donates lots and lots of money to both parties and then tells them how to run the country and allow guns. The CEO of the NRA has no conscience, does not care about the fact that children and innocent people are being killed on a daily basis. All he can think about is how much money his company can make and how much his next bonus is going to be. Shame on you, Mr. CEO, you are a murderer and have no conscience.

It’s Latin to me

After three years of high school Latin study, I can appreciate the use of Latin to understand derivatives of many of our English words. What I cannot understand is the mixing of, or return to of Latin prayers during the Catholic Mass. It was not the language of Christ. Very few people know Latin now, so its use becomes elitist, pompous and exclusionary. Is that what Christ would want?

Don’t understand

Everybody is complaining about LongHorn Steakhouse going over on the Southside in front of Lowe’s. I just don’t understand why there are no restaurants on the other side of town when you’ve got Sam’s and a big complex coming in with more stores, and you’ve got Sage Creek subdivision out here, and you’ve also got Trolley Station that has a lot of people, and you’ve got the hospital employees and visitors at the hospital that need somewhere to go, and you’ve also got USC Aiken students. Who wants to drive all the way over to the Southside when there’s a lot of places where we could have sit-down restaurants? But right now all we have is Ferrando’s, basically, unless you want to go to Huddle House, Waffle House, Burger King, etc. Other than that, there is nothing on this side of town. It’s growing so much and so quickly that we could really use some places over here.

Gun laws

Yes, if you replaced all of the Republican members of Congress with executives from the gun manufacturers, you would notice a huge difference. We would finally be able to repeal all of the unconstitutional gun laws that those RINOs have voted into place. I would be able to protect my family when we went somewhere other than McDonald’s to eat, for one thing. We would be able to carry into government buildings, bad things happen there, too. So on, and so forth. So, yeah, you would notice a big difference. God help us if our S.C. congressmen ever got replaced with Democrats. We would be bankrupt, much like that euphoria of a liberal paradise, California.