Savannah River Remediation has reached a milestone for giving to local charities through its Zero Injuries campaign.

The campaign, which has just reached the $20,000 level, is an effort that encourages the employees to work safely and give back to the community.

Beginning in August of 2009, one month after becoming the liquid waste contractor SRS, Savannah River Remediation began recording each month that no work-related employee injury or illness resulted in a day away from work. Once that occurs, the Savannah River Remediation Zero Injuries campaign gives a $500 donation to a local charity, which is selected by Local Safety Improvement Teams located in each liquid waste facility.

Patricia Allen, environmental, safety, health and quality and contractor assurance director, said it’s the team aspect that makes the campaign so successful.

“The Zero Injuries campaign motivates employees to take care of each other and the community at the same time,” said Allen. “I enjoy watching the excitement of our employees when they hand the check over and seeing how we are making a difference.”

The Zero Injuries campaign began with Allen, who brought back the idea to SRR after a visit to the URS-led Sellafield site in the United Kingdom. She was inspired by the employees’ reactions during a meeting when they got to choose a local charity for the donation, a result of working safely.

Since the campaign began, SRR has recorded only three months with a days-away injury out of 43 months. All three of these months resulted from industrial-related injuries: a knee injury, an elbow injury and a heat-related injury during a summer month. Performing some of the most hazardous work in the country, this milestone for SRR continues a long tradition of being recognized as one of the safest projects in the DOE complex.

Dave Olson, SRR president and project manager, reflected on how the campaign has played a role in mutually benefiting the employees and the community.

“I can’t think of a better way to get everyone involved in working safely and giving back to help our communities,” said Olson.