Why would the president of the United States call up a professional basketball player and tell him that he is proud of him for announcing he is gay? Has this man no sense of dignity for the office? How many gravely-wounded returning soldiers with missing limbs and who are severely-impaired has he called to tell them he’s proud of them or their families for assuming the care and burden? How many of the Boston people who lost limbs has he called? Or the first responders who put themselves in danger? No, for this president it’s all about his personal “evolving” agenda and pandering to his base.

Stop whining

We are all growing weary of the federal, state and local officials whining about the sequester. If our leaders can’t deal with an $85 billion dollar reduction in future spending, how in the world will they deal with our national debt of $17,000 billion dollars? Stop whining and do something. There are lots of federal, state and local programs to be examined for waste, fraud and redundancies. Show some leadership and man-up to the task. Don’t continually blame others or don’t run for office. You are the guys who started this welfare state.

Concealed carry

The only results of the proposed South Carolina bill on carrying concealed weapons into bars and restaurants will be to endanger our locals, fatten the pockets of the NRA, and make the people of South Carolina look even more stupid.


As far as the two officers who were killed, their perpetrators were out to destroy somebody, they were out for malice, they were spiteful and evil. The person who hit the young mother of the child, while it is devastating and a tragedy, he did not intend to go out and try to kill somebody. The other two were after somebody. In fact, one of the people had already killed one person before they shot Sandy Rogers.

Drugs in New Ellenton

It doesn’t do any good to vote in New Ellenton because nobody does anything about these drugs around here. It’s too bad around New Ellenton. The crackheads are breaking into people’s houses, and the drug dealers are breaking into people’s houses, too.

Returned calls

I called Sen. Shane Massey and Sen. Tom Young. I had concerns with a Senate bill. They both returned my call. It’s good to know that we have local senators who will listen to our comments and concerns. Thanks.