Taxpayers’ money

What a hypocrite. The White House tours are canceled, some of the national parks are closed, yet the president continues with his fun activities: the White House Correspondents Dinner, the performance at the White House where Memphis was honored and the many performers who were brought to Washington, D.C. All of this is was at the expense of the taxpayers for some of the costs, and for all of the security costs.

Wounded Warriors

Someone tell me why we have the Wounded Warriors Project? The government and this country should get off its backside and give the support these fine people deserve. Stop wasting our tax dollars on foreign countries that don’t like us anyway. Just one more instance where the American people need to rise up and say enough is enough. It is a shame that our fine soldiers should go wanting for anything.

Just a game

Baseball has gotten out of hand these days. Kids are asked to play year-round, if they want to “be the best they can be,” obtain the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, scholarship for the kid and “championship” for the coach’s resume. With no regard for cost to parents to make trips to these games, they are just expected to give up their normal lives and make the sacrifice. I have even heard that some kids are “threatened” they might not make the team next year if they don’t play year-round. Well, mom and dad, check stats to see just how many kids playing baseball actually get scholarships to play at the next level. Your child is only young once and should not be deprived of the wonderful experience of school and family.

Radiation pills article

The April 29 article on radiation tablets was, in my opinion, incomplete, misleading and potentially damaging to Aiken’s reputation. The front page article did not state its purpose (availability information only), when the pills should be taken (radiation emission emergency only) or who should take it. It also didn’t mention if there was any reason for general concern – there was none before the article, but many of our neighbors are now concerned. The CDC website gives complete information and should have been referenced. I’m also concerned that potential residents who are considering making Aiken their home will find this article confusing at best and, at worst, a reason to not consider Aiken.

Beautiful music

Many thanks to Dr. Joel Scraper, the Masterworks Chorale and the Augusta Men’s Chorus for a wonderful Sunday afternoon of beautiful music. Aiken is blessed to have such talented musicians and excellent music.