True colors

If the people of the 1st Congressional District vote for Mark Sanford when the time comes for the election, they are showing their true colors, and it cannot be good. Think about the morals of our state and how bad they are and having people like him in leadership. That’s what’s wrong with our state and our nation. When are people going to wake up and think about what’s right and what’s wrong? It doesn’t matter that it was his personal life; he set an example. And the thing that is so bad about it, is that it’s not necessarily what he did, but the fact that he picked Father’s Day to leave his children, to totally not let them know where he was. How sorry can you get? Think about it before you put him back in office.

Feral cats

We who live in the Hidden Haven subdivision would welcome the City’s help with rounding up the feral cats here. We assure you the City would have its hands full. Just think: No more surprises in our gardens, and no more mating rituals at night.

Call me

I just want to make an announcement: I am a heterosexual. I can’t wait for my call from Michelle Obama to congratulate me.

Pleasant employee

I picked up some prescriptions for my elderly parents on Friday. As usual, I had to stand in a very long line, and they had one cashier; however, lots of people were chatting in the back. When it was finally my turn, I was not at all pleasant. The prescriptions, of course, were not ready. The lone cashier saw what the issue was and was able to get them for me within minutes. She was extremely pleasant and let me rant. She apologized for my long wait and saved a family of customers. I only saw her name tag with “Belinda” on it. Thank you, Miss Belinda, the company should be proud of you.